Review of Top Picks

From September 12 to November 16 2017, an equal weight in all 10 businesses has returned 4.61%, excluding any dividends.

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Top 2 Gainers

1. Savaria Corporation (TSE: SIS)

  • Up 16.32%
  • Savaria reiterated guidance for fiscal 2018 with revenue growth of 40%.
  • Long-term tailwinds of the aging population contribute to Savara’s expectation of 10% organic sales growth.
  • An increase of the dividend by 38.5%.

2. Spin Master Corp (TSE: TOY)

  • Up 12.24%
  • The stock hasn’t moved materially since their earnings report on November 7.
  • EPS rose 28%, revenue rose 26.6%.

Top 2 Losers

1. Barrick Gold Corp (TSE: ABX)

  • Down 16.42%
  • Barrick has cut guidance and the turnaround continues to slow, hammering the stock.
  • If the price of gold does move higher, Barrick will benefit and so should the stock price.
  • Any gold business investment should be seen as a portfolio hedge and maintained at an appropriate weight.

2. Shopify Inc (TSE: SHOP)

  • Down 9.67%
  • After a short attack from Citron Research, Shopify fell $30 but the recovered when the CEO responded.
  • Their earnings report had nothing major of concern but fell as the company didn’t disclose churn and indicated the business is becoming more cyclical.
  • Deemed overvalued and ripe for a pullback, Shopify could see large price movement with any significant news both positive and negative.

I, Jared Flomen, do not own shares in any of the 4 businesses listed above but do own some of the top picks.

Please consult a financial advisor before making investment decisions. This report represents my short term views, not actionable advice.