Year End Review of Top Picks

From September 12 to December 29 2017, an equal weight in all 10 businesses has returned 7.90%, excluding any dividends.

Refer to the Top Picks tab to find a breakdown of all 10 businesses.

Top 2 Gainers

1. Savaria Corporation (TSE: SIS)

  • Closed up 26.00%

2. Spin Master Corp (TSE: TOY)

  • Closed up 24.33%

Top 2 Losers

1. Barrick Gold Corp (TSE: ABX)

  • Closed down 14.45%

2. Shopify IncĀ (TSE: SHOP)

  • Closed down 13.35%

I wouldn’t make any unnecessary changes to the top picks portfolio, only to ensure proper diversification through North American and International markets. Gold crossed $1300 an ounce for the first time which will benefit Barrick’s business, along with providing a hedge if a recession is coming due to the flattening yield curve. It is impossible to time the market which proved unfortunate as Shopify’s stock was near a 52-week high at the time of the original top pick. I would be comfortable holding onto all of these businesses for a minimum of 5 years. I would rebalance the portfolio to ensure an equal weight in all 10 and use any losses for tax purposes (if held in the appropriate account). I will update these picks after their next quarterly results are released.


I, Jared Flomen, do not own shares in any of the 4 businesses listed above but do own some of the top picks.

Please consult a financial advisor before making investment decisions. This report represents my short term views, not actionable advice.