Along with my investment journal, I will try to update this as much as possible.

Toronto-Dominion Bank (TSE: TD)

  • TD Bank is ~10% off its all-time high (current price = $72.62) and currently yields 3.69%.
  • Dividend growth 5-year average: 10% (Moneysense).
  • Tailwinds: rising interest rates both in Canada and the US.

Savaria (TSE: SIS)

  • Savaria is ~31% off its all-time high (current price = $14.01) and currently yields 3%.
  • Most recent dividend increases: 17% on September 20, 2018 and 38% on September 11, 2017.
  • Why the stock fell off: EBITDA was flat q/q and analyst’s missed EPS as they projected $0.17 vs. $0.06 actual.
  • Tailwinds: aging population seeking mobility, management expects $400 million in revenue during FY2019, and a growing monthly dividend.
  • Higher risk investment here, but they literally pay you to wait as growth comes in. A lot I like here.

Kinaxis (TSE: KXS)

  • Kinaxis is ~32% off its all-time high (current price = $67.72).
  • No dividend.
  • Why the stock sold off: some orders form Q3 slipped into Q4 and from listening to the conference call, management was confident they would close.
  • What I like: no debt, cash continues to grow, solid management team and a proven product that’s gaining market share.
  • Another higher risk investment here, as growth stocks have been hit lately, and if orders do slip again the stock could see more selling. I think in 5 years this dip will seem like a buying opportunity.
  • I expect volatility going forward, and have ensured that the position size is appropriate.

The Stars Group (TSE: TSGI)

  • I’m watching to see if TSGI will fall below its book value per share.
  • Current book value per share: $15.41

Photon Control (TSE: PHO)

  • Current price = $1.00
  • ~40% of the market cap is cash, but at only $110 million, Photon may be too small of a company for me to invest in right now.

Magna International (TSE: MG)

  • Current price = $65.99
  • Magna recently reported sales up 9% and adjusted diluted earnings per share up 12%.
  • $629 million in share repurchases and dividends
  • Dividend growth 5-year average: 20% (Moneysense)

I am long TD, SIS, KXS and MG