How I Currently Feel: Part 2

This post refers to one I wrote on December 17, 2018, 6 days before the plunge protection team was called in.

Well, we hit new all time highs and I survived. My portfolio’s unrealized gains turned to losses and now have skyrocketed higher than they have ever been before.

I added 2 new businesses to my portfolio, and even though I didn’t nail the bottom (I never will), I came very close.

I didn’t panic and sell everything as fear ripped through the markets and stayed with the process I set out from the beginning. I was greedy when others were fearful. Now as greed has came back, I grow increasingly fearful and have happily raised some cash and allow dividends to accumulate in my accounts.

I continue to grapple with knowing that I cannot and should not try to time the market while I wait to deploy cash into businesses I like and being fearful when others are greedy. It’s so hard but I am so lucky to be able to play this game. I feel great now, but that can easily change at any moment, take emotions out of it and stick to the process.

Happy compounding fellow investors!